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SNSubjectOrder No.Date
1Rules for Operating Deadiction Centre1215401 Jul 2021
2Guidelines for Application for de addiction centre12154(1)01 Jul 2021
3Expression of interest for Gora Dhay scheme865316 Jun 2021
4Guidelines for CWC and JJB application04 Jun 2021
5CWC JJB advertisement (vigyapti)833602 Jun 2021
6Sponsorship Scheme Guidelines574206 May 2021
7Goradhay Group Foster Care Scheme533306 May 2021
8Corrigendum in Tender SAA Dholpur23012 May 2021
9Dholpur Tender Home JJB and CWC27105 May 2021
10SAA Tender Dholpur28005 May 2021
11After Care Advertisement06 Apr 2021
12Advertisement for CWC and JJB5097729 May 2020
13Directions for CWC Application31 Jan 2020
14Application form for JJB31 Jan 2020
15Application form for CWC31 Jan 2020
16Advertisement for JJB3733627 Jan 2020
17Advertisement for CWC 20203731927 Jan 2020
18Directions for JJB Application31 Jan 2020
19Revised Guidelines and Application form With Extended for Members in RSPCR19 Nov 2019
20Advertisement for JAIPUR CWC & JJB 20192713207 Nov 2019
21Application Form for JJB JAIPUR11 Nov 2019
22Application Form for CWC JAIPUR11 Nov 2019
23Guidelines for CWC JJB Applicants for JAIPUR11 Nov 2019
24Advertisement and Guideline Regarding Members of RSCPCR11 Nov 2019
25Application form and general guidelines on contractual vacancies of program officer15 Jul 2019
26Inviting application for post of Members of Rajya Baal Adhikaar Sangrakshan Aayog21 Jun 2019
27Guidelines for empanelment of experts and professionals06 Jun 2019
28Qualification / Guide lines and application form for the post of Chairman Rajasthan State Child Rights Protection Commission15 Jun 2019
29Application Form and Guidelines Release No. 7265 dated 27.05 / 2019 for the nomination of President / Member in Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board.726527 May 2019
30Advertisement regarding Member in District Juvenile Justice Board3019124 Jan 2019
31Advertisement regarding District Child Welfare Committee3035724 Jan 2019
32Child tracking portal civil rights3512328 Feb 2019
33Child tracking portal35124-15628 Feb 2019
34NGO Guideline36961-99306 Mar 2019
35Nomination for Chairman & Members of CWC and JJB3677401 Mar 2019
36Releases to seek nomination of Chairman / Member in Juvenile Justice Board1651612 Sep 2018
37Form of application for seeking nomination of President / Member in Juvenile Justice Board23 Aug 2018
38Meeting Notice for Selection dated 30.8.20181513123 Aug 2018
39Circular implementation of SOP on Child Trafficking77123 Apr 2013
40Circular of Police (Civil rights) for Child Trafficking2319-247026 Jun 2013
41Circular of Police (Civil Rights)732-80030 Jan 2014
42Circular on children427 Feb 2015
43CWC on POCSO1158707 Jan 2013
44Guideline for CWC in cases of POCSO158707 Jan 2013
45Guidelines for JJ rules, 20111438923 Jul 2013
46Guidelines for Media on Reporting Children1491023 Jul 2013
47Guidelines of Police (Civil Rights) for POCSO789-85024 Jan 2013
48Order and Guidelines for BLCPC 1848213 Sep 2013
49Order and Guidelines for VLCPC 1917313 Sep 2013
50Order Regarding POCSO Act194307 Jan 2013
51Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority2736-1277003 Sep 2013
52Police_on_POCSO789-85024 Jan 2013
53Role of Police in JJ Act, 20002185-226030 Apr 2012
54SOP for stop child Begging1114302 May 2013
55SOP on Child Trafficking by police2319-247026 Jun 2013
56SOP -Trafficking Of Children_14081315011/06/200912 Aug 2013
57Victim Compensation Scheme10/201006 Apr 2015