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SNSubjectType Of DocumentOrder No.Date
1Provisional Seniority list PS cadreOrders8060401 Jan 2024
2Final Seniority list of DPSWO TSP 01.04.2023Orders7195122 Nov 2023
3Final seniority list of PO-SSO(TSP) as on 01.04.2023Orders7208122 Nov 2023
4Final seniority list PO-SSO (Non-TSP) as on 01.04.2023Orders7203522 Nov 2023
5Final seniority list of State service officers 01.04.2022Orders7183122 Nov 2023
6Final seniority list of State service officers 01.04.2023Orders7175722 Nov 2023
7Final seniority list of DPSWO Non TSP 1-04-2023Orders7189022 Nov 2023
8Provisional Ministrial Officers(Anl.AO, AO, EO) TSP Seniority List 01.04.2023Orders6155106 Nov 2023
9Provisional Ministrial Officers (Anl. AO, AO, EO) Non-TSP Seniority List 01.04.2023Orders6149806 Nov 2023
10Provisional PO-SSO Seniority List (TSP) 01.04.2023Orders5126102 Nov 2023
11Provisional DPSWO Seniority List (TSP) 01.04.2023Orders5097102 Nov 2023
12Provisional DPSWO Seniority List Non-TSP 01.04.2023Orders5088902 Nov 2023
13Provisional PO-SSO Non-TSP Seniority List 01.04.2023Orders5118302 Nov 2023
14State Service Officers Revise Seniority list 01.04.2022Orders5072731 Oct 2023
15Provisional State Service Officers Seniority List 01.04.2023Orders5078131 Oct 2023
16Final Seniority List of Class IVOrders4602004 Oct 2023
17Final Seniority List of Junior Asst. Non TSP & TSP 2023Orders4374218 Aug 2023
18IV CLASS TENTATIVE SENIORITY LIST NON-TSP 01-04-2023Orders4077719 Jul 2023
19IV Class Tentative seniority List TSP 01-04-2023Orders4096119 Jul 2023
20Seniority list LDC 01-04-2023Orders3970410 Jul 2023
21LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders836126 Aug 2022
22UDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders9791 26 Aug 2022
23UDC TSP_SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders1021126 Aug 2022
24LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders891126 Aug 2022
25UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders9851 26 Aug 2022
26LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders8426 26 Aug 2022
27UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders958626 Aug 2022
28LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders809326 Aug 2022
29LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders8996 26 Aug 2022
30UDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders10036 26 Aug 2022
31LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders9501 26 Aug 2022
32UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders1010126 Aug 2022
33Final Seniority list of OfficersOrders4994304 Aug 2022
34Seniority list of Junior Assistant (TSP) 01-04-2022Orders990124 Jun 2022
35Seniority List of Junior Assistant (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders918424 Jun 2022
36Final Seniority list of Class IV (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders878516 Jun 2022
37Final Seniority List of EO,AO,AAO 01-04-22Orders868116 Jun 2022
38Final Seniority List of PS and Steno (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders861416 Jun 2022
39Final Seniority List of Class IV TSP 01-04-22Orders886116 Jun 2022
40Final Seniority list of of DPSW and SSO (TSP) 01-04-2022Orders780115 Jun 2022
41Final Seniority List of DPSW and SSO (Non-Tsp) 01-04-22Orders763715 Jun 2022
42Final Seniority list of HS-1 (NON-TSP) 01-04-22Orders3388813 Jun 2022
43Final seniority list of HS TSP 01-04-2022Orders3385613 Jun 2022
44Final seniority list DPSW TSP 01.04.2022Orders699301 Jun 2022
45Final seniority list DPSW Non TSP 01.04.2022Orders693101 Jun 2022
46Final Seniority List of Junior Assistant 1-04-2022 (TSP)Orders498113 May 2022
47Seniority list of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)TSP 1-04-2022Orders475113 May 2022
48Seniority List of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) 1-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders469613 May 2022
49Seniority List of Personal Secretary/Add. Personal Secretary/Personal Assistant/Steno 1-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders476413 May 2022
50Seniority List of Senior Assistant 01-04-22 (TSP)Orders478613 May 2022
51Seniority list of Senior Assistant 1-04-22 (NON-TSP)Orders480913 May 2022
52Seniority List of Establishment Officer/Administrative Officer/Add. Administrative Officer 01-04-22 (NON-TSP)Orders461413 May 2022
53Final Seniority of Junior Assistant 1-04-2022 (Non-TsP)Orders504113 May 2022
54Seniority List of Class IV/Rasoiya/Chowkidar 01-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders297005 May 2022
55Seniority List of Class IV/Rasoiya/Chowkidar 01-04-2022 (TSP)Orders264805 May 2022
56FINAL SENIORITY LIST OF OFFICERS 01-04-2022Orders229928 Apr 2022
57Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2019 (TSP)Others7034809 Dec 2021
58Final Seniority list of PO/SSO 2021 (Non-TSP)Others7036909 Dec 2021
59Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2021 (TSP)Others7070109 Dec 2021
60Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2020 (TSP)Others7042109 Dec 2021
61Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2021 (Non-TSP)Others7072309 Dec 2021
62Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2020 (Non-TSP)Others7044209 Dec 2021
63Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2020 (TSP)Others1550107 Dec 2021
64Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2021 (TSP)Others1590107 Dec 2021
65Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2021 (Non-TSP)Others1553107 Dec 2021
66Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2020 (Non-TSP)Others1518007 Dec 2021
67Final Seniority List of DPSW 2020 (Non-TSP)Others1433630 Nov 2021
68Final Seniority List of DPSW 2021 (Non-TSP)Others1440030 Nov 2021
69Final Seniority List of DPSW 2019 (Non-TSP)Others1428130 Nov 2021
70Final Seniority List of DPSW 2021(TSP)Others1445130 Nov 2021
71Final Seniority List of DPSW 2019 (TSP)Others1426730 Nov 2021
72Final Seniority List of DPSW 2020 (TSP)Others1438730 Nov 2021
73Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2020(Non-TSP)Others1463330 Nov 2021
74Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2019 (Non-TSP)Others1455930 Nov 2021
75Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2019 (TSP)Others1453730 Nov 2021
76Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2021 (TSP)Others1468430 Nov 2021
77Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent - I 2020 (TSP)Others1461130 Nov 2021
78Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent - I 2021(Non-TSP)Others1470130 Nov 2021
79Final Seniority List of Senior AssistantOthers1393929 Nov 2021
80Final Seniority List of Senior Assitant 2021Others1425129 Nov 2021
81Final Seniority List of Senior Assistant for Non - TSP AreaOthers1395029 Nov 2021
82Final Seniority List of Senior Assistant for Non - TSP Area 2021Others1401129 Nov 2021
83Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2019 TSPOrders6026111 Nov 2021
84Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2020 TSPOrders6035111 Nov 2021
85Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2021 TSPOrders6042111 Nov 2021
86Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2019 NON TSPOrders6022111 Nov 2021
87Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2021 NON TSPOrders6037111 Nov 2021
88Seniority List of junior assistant 2020 NON TSPOrders6046711 Nov 2021
89Seniority List of junior assistant 2021 NON TSPOrders6085111 Nov 2021
90Seniority List of junior assistant 2020 TSPOrders6080111 Nov 2021
91Seniority List of junior assistant 2021 TSPOthers6060111 Nov 2021
92Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2020 NON TSPOrders6029311 Nov 2021
93Seniority List of SSO 2020 TSP AREAOrders5555110 Nov 2021
94Seniority List of SSO 2019 TSP AREAOrders5531110 Nov 2021
95Seniority List of SSO 2021 TSP AreaOrders5560110 Nov 2021
96Seniority List of SSO 2019 Non Tsp AreaOrders5525410 Nov 2021
97Seniority List of SSO 2020 Non Tsp AreaOrders5532610 Nov 2021
98Seniority List of SSO 2021 NON TSP AreaOrders5565110 Nov 2021
99Seniority List 2020 for NON TSP AreaOrders5402203 Nov 2021
100Seniority List for DPSW 2021 for NON TSP AreaOrders5404603 Nov 2021
101Seniority List 2021 for TSP AreaOrders5406003 Nov 2021
102Seniority List 2019 for TSP AreaOrders5399603 Nov 2021
103Seniority List 2019 for NON TSP AreaOrders5401003 Nov 2021
104Seniority List 2020 for TSP AreaOrders5403403 Nov 2021
105seniority list of senior assistants non TSPOthers4931520 Oct 2021
106Seniority List of Senior Assistants TSP AreaOthers4929320 Oct 2021
107Final seniority list of Establishment officer, administrative Officer and Additional Administrative officerOthers634616 Jun 2021
108Assistant administrative officer's final seniority listOthers651116 Jun 2021
109Additional director, joint director, deputy director, assistant director and equivalent posted officers final seniority listOthers666616 Jun 2021
110Final seniority list of Private Secretary, Additional Private secretary, personal Assistant and preliminary officers/personnelOthers643116 Jun 2021
111Hostel Superintendent Grade-I Employee Final seniority listOthers618115 Jun 2021
112District probation and Social Welfare officer and equivalent post final seniority list Others608615 Jun 2021
113Notification for Final seniority list of class iv Employees (Cook/Watchman)Notification499411 Jun 2021
114Seniority list of officers appointed for the posts of Probation and Prison Welfare Officer, Social Security Officer year 2020Others367423 Apr 2021
115Seniority list of officers appointed for the posts of Probation and Prison Welfare Officer, Social Security Officer year 2021Others329223 Apr 2021
116Hostel Superintendent Grade-I Employee seniority listOthers191616 Apr 2021
117Seniority list of officer/employee of private secretary, additional private secretary, personal assistant and stenographer postsOthers212116 Apr 2021
118Seniority list of officer of additional director, joint director, deputy director assistant director.Others201816 Apr 2021
119DPSW Officer and equivalent post seniority listOthers76012 Apr 2021
120Assistant administrative officer seniority listOthers88212 Apr 2021
121Establishment, Administrative, add. administrative officer's seniority listOthers105112 Apr 2021
122Senior Assistant seniority listOthers111112 Apr 2021
123Final Seniority List IOrders3712517 Dec 2020
124Final Seniority List IIOrders3737717 Dec 2020
125Provisional Seniority List of Junior Assistant, SJED as Per RSR 1999 & Rule 2017 as on 1.04.2020Notification3727129 Sep 2020
126Seniority list of Hostel Superintendent Grade - INotification3703025 Sep 2020
127Seniority list of District Probationary and Social Welfare OfficerNotification3716525 Sep 2020
128Seniority List of District Probationer & Social Welfare Officer(DPSWO) and Equivalent OfficerNotification3314916 Jul 2020
129Final Seniority List of Establishment Officer, Administrative Officers and Addl.Administrative OfficersNotification3266313 Jul 2020
130Final Seniority List of Assistant Administrative OfficersNotification3251113 Jul 2020
131Seniority List of Senior AssistantNotification3235913 Jul 2020
132Seniority List of Hostel superintendent Grade-1Notification3276713 Jul 2020
133Seniority List of PA, PS, STENONotification3271513 Jul 2020
134Revised Seniority list of Appointed Officers on Post of Group-A-1, Group-A-2 and Group-A-3 According to Annexure-1Notification3152229 Jun 2020
135Notification Regarding Seniority list of Class IV Employees/(Rasoiya/Chowkidar)Notification2786803 Jun 2020
136Seniority List of Private Secretary/Addl.Private Secretary/Sr.Personal and Personal AssistantNotification2431424 Apr 2020
137Seniority List of Ad/JT.Director/DY.DirectorNotification2421024 Apr 2020
138Seniority List of Assistant Administrative OfficerNotification2442124 Apr 2020
139Seniority List of Assistant Administrative Officers and Addl.Administrative officersNotification2436624 Apr 2020
140Seniority List of Senior AssistantNotification2453224 Apr 2020
141Seniority List of Class IV Employees as on 01-04-2019Orders921520 Sep 2019
142Notification regarding seniority list of Class IVth employees (Rasoiya/Chowkidar)Notification638707 Jun 2019
143The last seniority list of Rajasthan Social Welfare Enforcement Service Group-A-2 is 1.4.2019Notification435910 May 2019
144Additional Director and equivalents, Joint Director and counterpart, Deputy Director and counterpart, Assistant Director and equal, seniority tentative list of regularly appointed officials on post daNotification11621804 Apr 2019
145Seniority list of junior assistant (clerk II) date of 1.4.2018Notification10744620 Jul 2018
146Temporary Seniority list of probation and jail welfare officer and equivalent and social security officer on the day 01-04-2018, inviting tender by Sawai MadhopurGuidelines346907 May 2018
147Seniority list of administrative officials depicting the date 1 April 2018Notification189911 Apr 2018
148Seniority list showing personal secretary, personal assistant, etc. reflecting the date 1 April 2018Notification184311 Apr 2018
149Seniority list of assistant administrative officials depicting the date 1 April 2018Notification169211 Apr 2018
150Seniority list reflecting the status of date 1 April 2018Notification192811 Apr 2018
151Seniority list of hostel superintendent showing date of 1st April 2018Notification204811 Apr 2018
152Seniority list of Class IV Employees/Rasoiya/ChowkidarOrders155910 Apr 2018
153Seniority list of departmental officials on 1st April, 2018Notification54504 Apr 2018
154Seniority list of Hostel SuperitendentNotification9749502 Feb 2018
155चतुर्थ श्रेणी कर्मचारियों /रसोईया/ चौकीदारों की अंतरित वरिष्‍ठता सूची दिनांक 1 अप्रेल, 2017Orders8249301 Aug 2017
156Provisional Seniority List of P.O. as on 1.4.2017Notification7336805 May 2017
157Provisional Seniority List of DPSWO as on 1.4.2017Notification7367505 May 2017
158seniority list of Ministerial Staff 2017Notification7315426 Apr 2017
159Seniority list of officers 2017Notification7204519 Apr 2017
160Seniority List of Class IV and ChowkidarNotification5932621 Sep 2016
161Hostal Suprintendent II Seniority ListNotification5748312 Aug 2016
162Seniority list of Departmental Officers issued on 20.07.2016Notification5531020 Jul 2016
163Seniority List of Care TakerNotification5171906 Jun 2016
164Seniority List Clerk Grade 2Notification5050525 May 2016
165Seniority listNotification4940316 May 2016
166Seniority ListNotification4831103 May 2016
167Seniority List of Clark Grade-I as on 1.4.2016Notification4611012 Apr 2016
168Seniority List of MinisterialStaff as on 1.4.2016Notification4555112 Apr 2016
169Seniority List of StateService Officers as on 1.4.2016Notification4525112 Apr 2016
170Seniority List of Subordinate Services as on 1.4.2016Notification4546212 Apr 2016
171Seniority list of permanent hostel spdt. class-IIOrders4567328 Jul 2015
172Seniority List of Hostel Supdt. Gr.-IOrders2725229 Jun 2015
173Seniority List of Hostel Supdt. Gr.-IIOrders2735529 Jun 2015
174Seniority list of officers of SJEDOrders2599517 Jun 2015
175Seniority List of Officers Orders2373818 May 2015
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