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SNSubjectType Of DocumentOrder No.Date
1Office order for inter-departmental sports competition by the departmentnewanimOrders83020 Jan 2022
2Regarding the provisional merit list issued for the year 2021-22 under the Mukhyamantri Anupriti Coaching SchemenewanimNotification210120 Jan 2022
3Mukhyamantri Anuprati coaching merit list(ST) 2021-22newanimNotification18 Jan 2022
4Mukhyamantri Anuprati coaching merit list(Special Abled) 2021-22newanimNotification18 Jan 2022
5Mukhyamantri Anuprati coaching merit list(Sc,OBC,MBC,EWS) 2021-22newanimNotification18 Jan 2022
6Tender called by DLO Dausa for sports ItemsnewanimTenders15907 Jan 2022
7Tender called by DLO Karauli for sports ItemsnewanimTenders647607 Jan 2022
8Form of Bid securing DeclarationnewanimOthers006 Jan 2022
9Amendment order of Tour Visit ProgramnewanimOrders88106 Jan 2022
10DPSWO PO Posting OrdernewanimOrders2022505 Jan 2022
11Extension of last date for admission in Residential SchoolsnewanimOrders132705 Jan 2022
12Tender called by DLO Alwar for Sports ItemsnewanimTenders1114705 Jan 2022
13Amendment order regarding Tour Visit ProgramnewanimOrders561-6205 Jan 2022
14Tender called by DLO Jalore for sports ItemsnewanimTenders62505 Jan 2022
15Tender called by Rajya Mahila Sadan, Jaipur for Fruits and VegetablesnewanimTenders85830 Dec 2021
16Office order regarding Supervisiory Visit ProgramnewanimOrders7304530 Dec 2021
17Letter for verification of Universities/Board/CouncilnewanimOthers7303630 Dec 2021
18Extension of last date 31-01-2022 of ScholarshipnewanimOrders7300729 Dec 2021
19Appointment Order of Sh. Sunil KumarnewanimOrders1982728 Dec 2021
20Orders for the promotion of staffnewanimOrders1687727 Dec 2021
21PO Appointment OrdernewanimOrders1675124 Dec 2021
22DPSWO Appointment OrdernewanimOrders1669924 Dec 2021
23Tender called by Rajya Mahila Sadan, Jaipur for Job basis worknewanimTenders84723 Dec 2021
24Tender called by Devnarayan Girls Residential School Amarpur DausanewanimTenders11223 Dec 2021
25Expression of Interest for Mukhyamantri Anuprati Coaching YojananewanimNotification1249522 Dec 2021
26Administrative and Financial Sanction No. 41/2021-22newanimOthers887222 Dec 2021
27Tender called by DLO Bhilwara for sports EquipmentsnewanimTenders1044222 Dec 2021
28The process related to the online application for the grant of COVID-19 ex-gratia of Rs 50,000 is under processnewanimNotification32/7/2014 NDM-I17 Dec 2021
29Order regarding extension of last date for Residential School admissionnewanimOrders213615 Dec 2021
30Tender called by Residential School, Bagdi, Dausa for GymnewanimTenders62114 Dec 2021
31Transfer order of Officers after PromotionnewanimOrders7117609 Dec 2021
32Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2020 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers7044209 Dec 2021
33Order regarding Nodal officer for reservation in promotionnewanimOrders7032609 Dec 2021
34Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2019 (TSP)newanimOthers7034809 Dec 2021
35Final Seniority list of PO/SSO 2021 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers7036909 Dec 2021
36Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2021 (TSP)newanimOthers7070109 Dec 2021
37Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2020 (TSP)newanimOthers7042109 Dec 2021
38Final Seniority List of PO/SSO 2021 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers7072309 Dec 2021
39Appointment order of Sh. Satish Kumar Mahawar, Junior AssitantnewanimOrders7110709 Dec 2021
40Appointment order of Junior AssistantnewanimOrders7112409 Dec 2021
41Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2020 (TSP)newanimOthers1550107 Dec 2021
42Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2021 (TSP)newanimOthers1590107 Dec 2021
43Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2021 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1553107 Dec 2021
44Seniority List of Junior Assistant 2020 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1518007 Dec 2021
45Order regarding upliftment of beggars and Poor PeoplenewanimOrders6977606 Dec 2021
46Tender called by DLO, Bharatpur for sports equipmentsnewanimTenders1357306 Dec 2021
47Tender called by DLO Bharatpur for sports equipmentsnewanimTenders1357906 Dec 2021
48Extension of last date of Hostel AdmissionnewanimOrders1081503 Dec 2021
49Extension of last date for apply in Residential SchoolnewanimOrders204002 Dec 2021
50Final Seniority List of DPSW 2020 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1433630 Nov 2021
51Final Seniority List of DPSW 2021 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1440030 Nov 2021
52Final Seniority List of DPSW 2019 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1428130 Nov 2021
53Final Seniority List of DPSW 2021(TSP)newanimOthers1445130 Nov 2021
54Final Seniority List of DPSW 2019 (TSP)newanimOthers1426730 Nov 2021
55Final Seniority List of DPSW 2020 (TSP)newanimOthers1438730 Nov 2021
56Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2020(Non-TSP)newanimOthers1463330 Nov 2021
57Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2019 (Non-TSP)newanimOthers1455930 Nov 2021
58Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2019 (TSP)newanimOthers1453730 Nov 2021
59Scholarship date extension till 31-12-2021 ordernewanimOrders6858930 Nov 2021
60Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent-I 2021 (TSP)newanimOthers1468430 Nov 2021
61Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent - I 2020 (TSP)newanimOthers1461130 Nov 2021
62Final Seniority List of Hostel Superintendent - I 2021(Non-TSP)newanimOthers1470130 Nov 2021
63Last date Extension order of Scholarship newanimOrders6858930 Nov 2021
64Tender called by Residential School, Hingi (KOTA)newanimTenders39330 Nov 2021
65Tender called by DLO, JodhpurnewanimTenders396630 Nov 2021
66Tender called by Residential School, Hingi (KOTA) for Food ItemsnewanimTenders39630 Nov 2021
67Final Seniority List of Senior AssistantnewanimOthers1393929 Nov 2021
68Final Seniority List of Senior Assitant 2021newanimOthers1425129 Nov 2021
69Final Seniority List of Senior Assistant for Non - TSP AreanewanimOthers1395029 Nov 2021
70Final Seniority List of Senior Assistant for Non - TSP Area 2021newanimOthers1401129 Nov 2021
71Tender called by Residential School, Hariyali, JalorenewanimTenders112027 Nov 2021
72Tender called by Residential School Khodan, BanswaranewanimTenders17127 Nov 2021
73Order regarding transfer of Junior AssistantnewanimOrders6820525 Nov 2021
74Transfer of Ministerial EmployeesnewanimOrders6820525 Nov 2021
75Administrative & Financial sanction No. 34/2021-22newanimNotification6496424 Nov 2021
76Tender called by DLO Jhalawar for Rasoiya & ChowkidarTenders832324 Nov 2021
77Tender called by DLO Jhalawar for Food ItemsnewanimTenders832824 Nov 2021
78Document verification order of Sh. Satish Kumar MahawarnewanimOrders6450622 Nov 2021
79Order regarding committee for Document VerificationnewanimOrders64494 22 Nov 2021
80Expression of Interest(State Old Age Social Security Pension)newanimNotification6437018 Nov 2021
81E-Tender Cancellation Churu District newanimTenders852718 Nov 2021
82User Mannual to update caste/Domicile Certificate on Jan Aadhar PortalnewanimCircular17 Nov 2021
83Details of posts on Rajya Mahila sadan/Nari Niketan PortalOthers6269112 Nov 2021
84Corrigendum Tenders845712 Nov 2021
85Promotion order of Sh. Ruhail AhemadOrders6276312 Nov 2021
86Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2020 NON TSPOrders6029311 Nov 2021
87Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2019 TSPOrders6026111 Nov 2021
88Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2020 TSPOrders6035111 Nov 2021
89Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2021 TSPOrders6042111 Nov 2021
90Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2019 NON TSPOrders6022111 Nov 2021
91Seniority List of Hostel Superitendent 2021 NON TSPOrders6037111 Nov 2021
92Seniority List of junior assistant 2020 NON TSPOrders6046711 Nov 2021
93Seniority List of junior assistant 2021 NON TSPOrders6085111 Nov 2021
94Seniority List of junior assistant 2020 TSPOrders6080111 Nov 2021
95Seniority List of junior assistant 2021 TSPOthers6060111 Nov 2021
96Seniority List of SSO 2019 TSP AREAOrders5531110 Nov 2021
97Seniority List of SSO 2021 TSP AreaOrders5560110 Nov 2021
98Seniority List of SSO 2019 Non Tsp AreaOrders5525410 Nov 2021
99Seniority List of SSO 2020 Non Tsp AreaOrders5532610 Nov 2021
100Seniority List of SSO 2021 NON TSP AreaOrders5565110 Nov 2021
101Seniority List of SSO 2020 TSP AREAOrders5555110 Nov 2021
102Tender called by Residential School, MandoreTenders93509 Nov 2021
103Tender called by SJED, Bikaner for Hostels Tenders1070908 Nov 2021
104Regarding getting the release published in the newspapers under the post matric scholarship scheme by the departmentOrders259708 Nov 2021
105Regarding issuance of Vimukt, Ghumantu, and Ardh Ghumantu caste identity certificate in the stateOrders5428608 Nov 2021
106Post Matric Scholarship SJE APP OrderOrders257308 Nov 2021
107Palanhar Scheme Budget AllocatedOrders5380203 Nov 2021
108The last date for online admission for the academic session 2021-22 in government schools and colleges level hostels is extended to 30 November 2021.Orders1013603 Nov 2021
109The last date for online admission in government residential schools for the academic session 2021-22 is extended to 30 November 2021.Orders191003 Nov 2021
110Seniority List for DPSW 2021 for NON TSP AreaOrders5404603 Nov 2021
111Tender for work on the job base of Sweeper, Care Taker, Cook, from Juvenile Home, KotaTenders102703 Nov 2021
112Tender for providing food items and other consumer items for students residing from government hostels - ChuruTenders858803 Nov 2021
113E Bid Notice No 01/2021-22 ChuruOrders858803 Nov 2021
114Seniority List 2021 for TSP AreaOrders5406003 Nov 2021
115Seniority List 2020 for NON TSP AreaOrders5402203 Nov 2021
116Vigyapti for Post Matric Scholarship Orders257303 Nov 2021
117Seniority List 2020 for TSP AreaOrders5403403 Nov 2021
118Seniority List 2019 for NON TSP AreaOrders5401003 Nov 2021
119Seniority List 2019 for TSP AreaOrders5399603 Nov 2021
120Shri Satish Chandra Goel, Financial Advisor appointed as Nodal Officer for disposal of unused storesOrders798402 Nov 2021
121Publication of release by Nari Niketan, Jaipur for rehabilitating women after marriagePubhished71401 Nov 2021
122Publication of release by Nari Niketan, Ajmer for rehabilitating women after marriagePubhished491901 Nov 2021
123Publication of release by Nari Niketan, Jodhpur for rehabilitating women after marriagePubhished300801 Nov 2021
124E Bid NIB NO 01/2021-22 UBN No SOC2122GLRC00126Orders320901 Nov 2021
125Revised OrderOrders5331501 Nov 2021
126Hostel Superintendent -1 Promotion OrderOrders5045228 Oct 2021
127Promotion Order of Assistant Director and EquivalentOrders5057328 Oct 2021
128Revised order of departmental order number 50257 dated 26.10.2021Orders5060328 Oct 2021
129Tender invitation for supply of food items, AjmerTenders1101828 Oct 2021
130Probation and Prison Welfare Officer Promotion OrderOrders5053128 Oct 2021
131Office order regarding Mr. Deepak Yadav, Junior Assistant.Orders903528 Oct 2021
132Order For the approval of officers and employees to appear in the mentioned examinationOrders5041728 Oct 2021
133Appointment Order Regarding Junior Assistant Recruitment Exam 2018Orders5043028 Oct 2021
134Order regarding Panchayat tour of officers to solve the problems of peoples.Orders5025726 Oct 2021
135Food item tender invitation for hostels, KotaTenders980326 Oct 2021
136Information regarding Bank DetailsOthers794626 Oct 2021
137Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Boys Residential School, Gudla, KarauliTenders1625 Oct 2021
138Tender called by Residential School, Atun BhilwaraTenders21623 Oct 2021
139seniority list of senior assistants non TSPOthers4931520 Oct 2021
140Seniority List of Senior Assistants TSP AreaOthers4929320 Oct 2021
141Advertisement (Marriage Proposal form) by Nari Niketan, KotaNotification60620 Oct 2021
142Invitation of tender by Evacuational Animal Husbandry Residential School, DungarpurTenders191-19220 Oct 2021
143Advertisement (Marriage Application Form)Notification85120 Oct 2021
144Circular for issue caste certificate by the name of mother to the children of single womenCircular48742-7518 Oct 2021
145Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Deputy Director and Mr. Anil Macha, Assistant Director to visit the districts for 2021 along with the Prashashan gaavo aur shahro ke sang 2021Orders725218 Oct 2021
146Order regarding Social Security Specially abled Pension rules, 2013Orders617812 Oct 2021
147Regarding Publication of E-Tender NoticeNotification49208 Oct 2021
148Bhilwara invites e-tender notice for providing food itemsTenders828308 Oct 2021
149Regarding to mark of liabilities created in government departments and subordinate offices on the Integrated Financial Management System.Notification787306 Oct 2021
150Guidelines for giving benefit of scholarship scheme to children of persons engaged in cleaning profession, 2021Guidelines4828806 Oct 2021
151Mrs. Riya Sain, Junior Assistant Suspension OrderOrders4818305 Oct 2021
152Traansajendar utthaan kosh guidelines , 2021Guidelines799804 Oct 2021
153Open Tender called by BALIKAGRAH AJMERTenders109804 Oct 2021
154E-TenderTenders48704 Oct 2021
155Auto Pension Sanction Circular dated 1 October 2021Notification454201 Oct 2021
156Regarding keeping vigilance, utilization and surrender of savings in getting budget provision/supplementary grant sanctioned.Notification183901 Oct 2021
157Administration campaign with villages and citiesOrders693401 Oct 2021
158Order regarding extend date for admission in resident schoolOrders172801 Oct 2021
159Regarding Date extend for scholarship Zero pendancy abhiyanOrders4333901 Oct 2021
160releases Regarding filling the vacant posts by deputation in Resident schools Notification175801 Oct 2021
161Employees transfer list 2021Orders189630 Sep 2021
162Hostel Superintendent Transfer List 2021Orders177130 Sep 2021
163Regarding filling of income declaration form in Palanhar applicationNotification2373830 Sep 2021
164Order Regarding retirement of employeesOrders4315730 Sep 2021
165Officers Transfer List 2021Orders174130 Sep 2021
166Ministerial staff transfer list 2021Orders181130 Sep 2021
167Forth class transfer list 2021Orders187130 Sep 2021
168Mr. Suresh Gupta, Financial Adviser is appointed as the nodal officer for disposal of unserviceable storesOrders777028 Sep 2021
169Regarding date extend for apply in Mukhymantri Anuprati coaching yojana.Orders4244827 Sep 2021
170Revised date for E-tender Hariyali JaloreTenders88125 Sep 2021
171E-tender for the work of cooks and watchmen called by karauli.Tenders407124 Sep 2021
172Order regarding extension of date of Ambedkar DBT Voucher YojanaOrders930723 Sep 2021
173E-Tender for maintenaince of Electrical EquipmentsOthers4171722 Sep 2021
174Revised Order Regarding date extend for zero pendancy abhiyan.Orders4180122 Sep 2021
175Hostel Superintendent Transfer List 2021Orders168622 Sep 2021
176Officers Transfer List 2021Orders163122 Sep 2021
177Order to open hostels for students from class 6th to 8th.Orders928321 Sep 2021
178Regarding budget management process training.Notification661320 Sep 2021
179E-tender Hariyali JaloreOrders83118 Sep 2021
180Order Regarding zero pendancy abhiyan date extend.Orders219717 Sep 2021
181Tender for cooks and watchmen called by ajmer.Tenders964717 Sep 2021
182Tender called by Observation home, AjmerTenders55015 Sep 2021
183Promotion order from assistant administrative officer to Additional administrative officerOrders4047615 Sep 2021
184NOTICE INVITING E-BID (NIB No. 01/2021-22 ) UBN SOC2122GLOB00067Orders2264-2269 15 Sep 2021
185E Tender for Food GrainsOrders226415 Sep 2021
186E-tender Mansarovar JaipurOrders202414 Sep 2021
187Regarding proposal for revised budget estimates for Financial year 2021-22Orders658713 Sep 2021
188E tender 01/2021-22, Telikheda, BhilwaraTenders13511 Sep 2021
189Advertisement regarding Zero PendencyNotification206910 Sep 2021
190Advertisement for inviting online applications for Mukhyamantri Anuprati Coaching YojanaNotification4010110 Sep 2021
191Directions regarding Pension under Atrocity Prevention SchemeGuidelines5732-583810 Sep 2021
192NOC for appearing in ExamsOrders4000210 Sep 2021
193E tender Sawai MadhopurOrders266309 Sep 2021
194Tender called by Govt. Devnarayan Girls Residential School, Kekri, AjmerTenders55808 Sep 2021
195New guidelines for the operation of Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme 2021Orders5600-570907 Sep 2021
196New Guidelines for Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Inter-caste Marriage Promotion SchemeGuidelines5600-570907 Sep 2021
197promotion order from 4th grade servant to junior Assistant Orders1286506 Sep 2021
198Promotion order from Additional Administrative Officer to Administrative OfficerOrders1281406 Sep 2021
199Regarding publication of releases in state level newspapers for the operation of Ambedkar DBT voucher scheme.Notification900531 Aug 2021
200regarding tender publication 01/2021-22Others90631 Aug 2021
201Document Verification CommitteeOrders1209726 Aug 2021
202Precautions to be taken in the hostel premises from 1/9/2021 Orders887924 Aug 2021
203Tender for working on job basis of cook/watchmanTenders724517 Aug 2021
204Regarding Contact No. of Treasrury OfficersOthers643817 Aug 2021
205Tour/Inspection/Night StayOrders3581716 Aug 2021
206Officers Transfer List 2021Orders1109413 Aug 2021
207Ministerial Staff Transfer List 2021Orders1130113 Aug 2021
208Hostel Superintendent Transfer List 2021Orders1115113 Aug 2021
209Forth Class Transfer List 2021Orders1134113 Aug 2021
210Order regarding appointment of Junior AssistantsOrders1060806 Aug 2021
211Order Regarding Formation of selection committee for selection of coaching instituteOrders3405605 Aug 2021
212Regarding assume charge of additional director.Notification1059604 Aug 2021
213Order to promote Shri Rajendra Kumar Upadhyay to senior assistant. Orders1014003 Aug 2021
214Regarding charge transfer of Deputy Director(Adm.)Notification1058103 Aug 2021
215Tender Called by SJED, Dholpur for Job Basis Work.Tenders193930 Jul 2021
216Admission of class 11th & 12th for SC, ST, OBC, EWS etc. started on Shala Darpan Portal.Orders3240128 Jul 2021
217Tender called by Govt. Balika Grah, AjmerTenders42628 Jul 2021
218Bid Document for supply of Operators for Call CentreTenders3222027 Jul 2021
219Tender called by Observation Home, AjmerTenders34026 Jul 2021
220Bid Invitation letter for supply of accessories like iCard, head phone with mic with bluetooth, webcam etcTenders3219326 Jul 2021
221Bid document for slide curtain supply Tenders3219426 Jul 2021
222Regarding sending name, email and telephone number of the DDO'sOthers673223 Jul 2021
223Administrative and Financial Sanction No.-17/2021-22Orders3138122 Jul 2021
224Formation of District level committee for Rehabilitation of Beggars and Poor persons in RajasthanOrders202122 Jul 2021
225Regarding depositing the balance amount and recovery of excess payments in the appropriate items of the treasury.Others672422 Jul 2021
226Rajasthan Rehabilitation Rules 2020 for Beggars or Poor PersonsOrders22 Jul 2021
227Guidelines and process of operation of Vidya Sambal YojanaGuidelines782320 Jul 2021
228Regarding online application for transfer Notification951120 Jul 2021
229Promotion Order of shree Ramesh Chand meena, senior assistantOrders883316 Jul 2021
230Expression of Interest for Coaching Institutions Notification3116716 Jul 2021
231 Promotion Order of Junior Assistant sh. krishan kumar, sh. Rajpal singh, sh. Sumer singh rawatOrders884816 Jul 2021
232Tender called for protection officer, outreach worker and counselor by jalore DCR Tender36215 Jul 2021
233Tender called by Specialized Adoption Agency, jaloreTenders36715 Jul 2021
234Tender called for human resources by jalore Tenders37315 Jul 2021
235Tender called by dcpu Chittorgarh DCR Tender24415 Jul 2021
236Regarding creation of user id and password, online training and data feeding for Commitment Control System ApplicationOthers659713 Jul 2021
237Order regarding Admission in Hostels & Residential SchoolsOrders748506 Jul 2021
238Administrative and Financial Sanction Number -09/2021-22Others2941902 Jul 2021
239Rules for Nehru Bal Sanrakshan PuraskarAct & Rules1186601 Jul 2021
241Process of operating Ambedkar DBT Voucher YojanaOthers732801 Jul 2021
242Rules for Operating Deadiction CentreDCR Notification And Orders1215401 Jul 2021
243Guidelines for Application for de addiction centreDCR Notification And Orders12154(1)01 Jul 2021
244Process of Mukhyamantri Anuprati Coaching SchemeOthers6230 Jun 2021
245Regarding charge transfer of Financial advisor Others642530 Jun 2021
246Appointment Order of Shri Narendra Singh Orders740829 Jun 2021
247Order regarding Posting of Junior AssistantOrders738229 Jun 2021
248Order- Regarding exam permission Orders2655028 Jun 2021
249Guidelines regarding Chief Minister's Covid-19 Relief SchemeGuidelines2652825 Jun 2021
250Tender called by Govt. Specialized Adoption Agency, Sawaimadhopur Tenders20623 Jun 2021
251Order for committee constituted for documents verification of selected candidates Orders698321 Jun 2021
252Order Regarding documents verification of selected candidates for Junior AssistantOrders699521 Jun 2021
253Regarding annual maintenance of lift by Omega ElevatorsTenders25162 18 Jun 2021
254Tender called by Nari Niketan, Sewar Road, BharatpurTenders33 17 Jun 2021
255Tender called by Rajsamand district for cook & watchmanTenders39117 Jun 2021
256Notification regarding Rehabilitation of Beggars & IndigentsNotification2505317 Jun 2021
257Regarding Annual Performance Appraisal Report year 2020-21Others686217 Jun 2021
258Additional director, joint director, deputy director, assistant director and equivalent posted officers final seniority listOthers666616 Jun 2021
259Final seniority list of Private Secretary, Additional Private secretary, personal Assistant and preliminary officers/personnelOthers643116 Jun 2021
260Final seniority list of Establishment officer, administrative Officer and Additional Administrative officerOthers634616 Jun 2021
261Assistant administrative officer's final seniority listOthers651116 Jun 2021
262Expression of interest for Gora Dhay schemeDCR Notification And Orders865316 Jun 2021
263Covid-19 chief minister child
welfare scheme
Pubhished15 Jun 2021
264Hostel Superintendent Grade-I Employee Final seniority listOthers618115 Jun 2021
265District probation and Social Welfare officer and equivalent post final seniority list Others608615 Jun 2021
266Tender called for supply of Stationery and other items at SJED, HQTenders2465515 Jun 2021
267Open Tender information number 02/2021-22DCR Tender13314 Jun 2021
268Order regarding mukhyamantri Kanyadan yojanaOrders2446511 Jun 2021
269Notification for Final seniority list of class iv Employees (Cook/Watchman)Notification499411 Jun 2021
270Open Tender information number 03/2021-22DCR Tender76611 Jun 2021
271Regarding extend the last date for filling online application form by registering students for post matric scholarshipOrders110707 Jun 2021
272Advertisement to extend the last date for filling online application form by registering students for post matric scholarshipOthers11034-5807 Jun 2021
273CWC application formDCR Document And Report04 Jun 2021
274Guidelines for CWC and JJB applicationDCR Notification And Orders04 Jun 2021
275Release for the institutionOthers100104 Jun 2021
276AffidavitDCR Document And Report04 Jun 2021
277JJB application formDCR Document And Report04 Jun 2021
278CWC JJB advertisement (vigyapti)DCR Notification And Orders833602 Jun 2021
279Corrigendum in Tender SAA DholpurDCR Notification And Orders23012 May 2021
280Corrigendum in Tender SAA DholpurTenders23012 May 2021
281Sponsorship Scheme GuidelinesDCR Notification And Orders574206 May 2021
282Goradhay Group Foster Care SchemeDCR Notification And Orders533306 May 2021
283LDC 2021 Documents Verification OrderOrders416105 May 2021
284SAA Tender DholpurDCR Notification And Orders28005 May 2021
285Dholpur Tender Home JJB and CWCDCR Notification And Orders27105 May 2021
286Dholpur Tender Home JJB and CWC Tenders27105 May 2021
287SAA Tender DholpurTenders28005 May 2021
288Extension of last date in applications for vacant seats in Residential Schools.Orders61930 Apr 2021
289Seniority list of officers appointed for the posts of Probation and Prison Welfare Officer, Social Security Officer year 2021Others329223 Apr 2021
290Seniority list of officers appointed for the posts of Probation and Prison Welfare Officer, Social Security Officer year 2020Others367423 Apr 2021
291Social Security Investment Promotion SchemeOrders2122 Apr 2021
292Hostel Superintendent Grade-I Employee seniority listOthers191616 Apr 2021
293Amended information for vacant seats in Residential schoolsNotification59716 Apr 2021
294Seniority list of officer/employee of private secretary, additional private secretary, personal assistant and stenographer postsOthers212116 Apr 2021
295Seniority list of officer of additional director, joint director, deputy director assistant director.Others201816 Apr 2021
296Regarding giving the responsibility of implementation and supervision of the mentioned departmental schemes to social security officersOrders160015 Apr 2021
297The release to fill vacant posts by deputation in government residential schools Operating by RREISOthers59315 Apr 2021
298Assistant administrative officer seniority listOthers88212 Apr 2021
299Establishment, Administrative, add. administrative officer's seniority listOthers105112 Apr 2021
300DPSW Officer and equivalent post seniority listOthers76012 Apr 2021
301Senior Assistant seniority listOthers111112 Apr 2021
302Promotion Order Orders74412 Apr 2021
303Tender called by Govt. Specialized Adoption Agency, SawaimadhopurTenders18809 Apr 2021
304Tender called by Residential School, Kherdi(Saagwara) Dist. DungarpurTenders608 Apr 2021
305Tender called for Cooling Plants, RO and Water Cooler at SJED HQTenders1849107 Apr 2021
306After Care AdvertisementDCR State Level Committiee06 Apr 2021
307After Care AdvertisementDCR Notification And Orders06 Apr 2021
308Junior Assistant Promotion OrderOrders5306 Apr 2021
309Revised guidelines to be issued for implementation of Sambal Gram Vikas YojanaGuidelines227405 Apr 2021
310Order Regarding Eligibility for Admission in Govt. Hostel & Residential SchoolsOrders6246 01 Apr 2021
311Budget Allocation letter 2021-22Others585401 Apr 2021
312Administrative and Financial Approval Number -22/2020-21Others1505330 Mar 2021
313Open e-Bid informationTenders1470326 Mar 2021
314Order regarding Govt. Savitri Bai Phule (SC) Girls Hostel, JhunjhunuOrders604822 Mar 2021
315Regarding full utilization of budget provision/allocated amount in the current financial year.Circular556718 Mar 2021
316Order regarding acceptance of certificate of Institutions in Scholarship portalOrders1059617 Mar 2021
317Nari Niketan Ajmer e Tender Notice Number 01/2021-22Tenders216017 Mar 2021
318Administrative and Financial Approval Number -18/2020-21Others1018016 Mar 2021
319Tender for AMC of Computers, Laptops and Printers and other worksTenders909310 Mar 2021
320Permission for offline acceptance/payment of applications under Dr. Savita Ben Ambedkar Inter-caste Marriage Incentive SchemeOrders188309 Mar 2021
321Permission for offline admission in hostelsOrders572309 Mar 2021
322Promotion Order for Hostel Superintendent Grade-IOrders4596209 Mar 2021
323Regarding special arrangements made for state transactions on 31.03.2021.Others546904 Mar 2021
324Regarding e-publication of Economic Review 2020-21, Budget Study 2020-21 and Budget at a Glance 2020-21.Others160303 Mar 2021
325Extension of last date of online applications in Residential SchoolsOrders35003 Mar 2021
326Extension of last date of online applications on scholarship portalOrders816503 Mar 2021
327Transfer orders of OfficersOrders4513226 Feb 2021
328Regarding sending excess/savings information for the financial year 2020-21Others540124 Feb 2021
329Extension Order of Verification date of PensionersOrders67324 Feb 2021
330Regarding last date for filling up the objections placed in the application forms and sending them back to the educational institutions online.Others644622 Feb 2021
331Approval to start operation of hostels and residential schoolsOrders487312 Feb 2021
332Regarding publishing the release for Ambedkar Awards.Others486310 Feb 2021
333Regarding publishing the release for district level Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar prizes for year 2021Others487010 Feb 2021
334Administrative and Financial Acceptance Number - 9 / 2020-21Orders462408 Feb 2021
335Tender called for supply of hosiery and dress materialTenders668-7203 Feb 2021
336Extension of last date for online applications on Scholarship PortalOrders23929 Jan 2021
337Expression of InterestOthers113521 Jan 2021
338Tender called for Stationery ItemsTenders237019 Jan 2021
339Order regarding precautions in Hostels and Residential SchoolsOrders391312 Jan 2021
340Tender regarding purchase of Photostat RIM (A-4 & LEGAL)Tenders161811 Jan 2021
341Liability creation and payment of bills in Govt. Dept. and OfficesOthers480211 Jan 2021
342Extension of Admission date in HostelsOrders377605 Jan 2021
343Tender for rehabilitation of muslim community housemates after marriage Tenders905-0904 Jan 2021
344Extension Order of Verification date of PensionersOrders817231 Dec 2020
345Open Shelter Guidelines, 2020DCR State Level Committiee8652831 Dec 2020
346Transfer order of officersOrders3894430 Dec 2020
347Transfer order of WardenOrders3916630 Dec 2020
348Transfer order of ICPSOrders3886230 Dec 2020
349Transfer order of ministerial staff Orders3905630 Dec 2020
350Promotion order on the post of Sr. AssistantOrders3859128 Dec 2020
351Order Regarding Visit/Inspection of DistrictsOrders6002923 Dec 2020
352Regarding Payment and Services of Job basis workers In Govt. HostelsNotification3620-6021 Dec 2020
353Tender Called by Residential School, Atun, Bhilwara for Job Basis work and supply of Vegetables & Fruits Tenders18821 Dec 2020
354Tender called by Residential School, Mandore, Jodhpur for Job basis workTenders76419 Dec 2020
355Guidelines regarding Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pannadhay Jeevan Amrit YojanaGuidelines18 Dec 2020
356Regarding shutdown of SJMS Application PortalOrders5906918 Dec 2020
357Rajasthan Rehabilitation of Beggars or Indigents Rules, 2020Act & Rules18 Dec 2020
358Rajasthan De-addiction Centre Rules, 2020Act & Rules18 Dec 2020
359Final Seniority List IOrders3712517 Dec 2020
360Final Seniority List IIOrders3737717 Dec 2020
361Tender called for Photocopy (with Copier Machine, Operator & Paper) and Cleaning & Sanitization of SJED, HQ, JaipurTenders5837715 Dec 2020
362Affiliation of Colleges under Post matric Scholarship SchemeCircular5537026 Nov 2020
363Hostels Admission Date Extension OrderOrders323726 Nov 2020
364Extension of last date for online applications on Scholarship PortalOrders5569126 Nov 2020
365Tender called by Devnarayan Girls Residential School, Telikheda, BhilwaraTenders12921 Nov 2020
366Foster Care GuidelinesDCR State Level Committiee8060419 Nov 2020
367Tender Called by Assistant Director, Social Justice & Empowerment Department, Alwar for job Basis WorkTenders1396212 Nov 2020
368Invitation of Online Applications on Scholarship PortalOrders5379611 Nov 2020
369Tender Called by Devnarayan Girls Residential School Amarpur, Dausa on Job basis WorkTenders20911 Nov 2020
370Auction Order called by Deputy Director , Social Justice & Empowerment Department, BharatpurOrders614110 Nov 2020
371Regarding sanction to upload promotion certificate in case of non availability of marksheetOrders5323209 Nov 2020
372Fruit and Vegetable tender called by Rajya Mahila Sadan, Pratapnagar, Sanganer JaipurTenders715-1906 Nov 2020
373Tender called by Rajya Mahila Sadan, Pratapnagar, Jaipur for Job basis workTenders698-70203 Nov 2020
374Tender called by Jaipur RuralTenders849902 Nov 2020
375Hostel Admission Date Extension OrderOrders277331 Oct 2020
376Promotion order on Additional Administrative officer Post Orders3533128 Oct 2020
377Promotion order on Assistant Administrative Officer PostOrders3535728 Oct 2020
378Tender called by State communication and Adolescent home, SirohiTenders64927 Oct 2020
379Promotion OrderOrders3483619 Oct 2020
380Regarding verifiication of all registered Univ/Board/Council etc.on on paperless portal ( of all Post Metric Scholarship Schemes Others50739 16 Oct 2020
381After Care GuidelinesDCR State Level Committiee7437215 Oct 2020
382Amended Tender invitation called by State Communication & Adolescent Home, SirohiTenders60014 Oct 2020
383Sponsorship Award Guidelines IIDCR State Level Committiee7394014 Oct 2020
384Sponsorship Award GuidelinesDCR State Level Committiee7366413 Oct 2020
386Extension of Last Date of Admission in Residential Schools Till 31-10-2020 Orders888301 Oct 2020
387Tender Called by Residential School, Hindoli (Bundi)Tenders137-14101 Oct 2020
388Extension of Last Date of Admission in Hostel Application Till 31-10-2020Orders208030 Sep 2020
389Regarding Scholarship Portal Opening Order 2020-21Orders4830030 Sep 2020
390Provisional Seniority List of Junior Assistant, SJED as Per RSR 1999 & Rule 2017 as on 1.04.2020Notification3727129 Sep 2020
391Tender called by Residential School, Mandana (Kota)Tenders14328 Sep 2020
392Officer order/meeting notice regarding timely disposal of PAC recommendations, CAG reports, AG Paras etcOrders338425 Sep 2020
393Seniority list of Hostel Superintendent Grade - INotification3703025 Sep 2020
394Seniority list of District Probationary and Social Welfare OfficerNotification3716525 Sep 2020
395Appointing of Rehabilitation Officer Under Rehabilitation Act, 2012 (Adhyaye - 7 Dhara 25)Orders4800024 Sep 2020
396Order Regarding Per Month Salary Deduction of Departmental Officers/ Employees Due to Covid-19Orders338218 Sep 2020
397Letter Reg. Payment of Man with Machine Posted at BSSO Offices of SJEDNotification334718 Sep 2020
398Tender for Working on Job Basis at Sirohi, State Communication and Adolescent Home / State Specialised Adoption AgencyTenders44016 Sep 2020
399Amendment Order Regarding Commissioner, Rehabilitation of Beggars or IndigentsOrders4598616 Sep 2020
400Samaj Kalyan Week from 1-10-2020 to 7-10-2020Notification45598-63815 Sep 2020
401Tender for working on Job basis work in Government Child Care home, Karauli.Tenders202415 Sep 2020
402Tender for working on Job basis work in Government Child Care home, Karauli.Tenders203315 Sep 2020
403Budget Circular: Regarding the Proposal of Income Expenditure Estimates for the Coming Year 2021 - 22 and Revised Budget Estimates for the Current Financial Year 2020 - 21Circular329114 Sep 2020
404Rajasthan Beggars & Poor People Rehabilitation ACT (Revised) 2020Notification7414 Sep 2020
405Tender Called by Residential School, Hingi, KotaTenders41714 Sep 2020
406Tender Called by Devnarayan Girls Residential School, Yusufpura, TonkTenders341-34514 Sep 2020
407Tender Called by Residential School, Kenpura (Pali)Tenders320114 Sep 2020
408Tender for Providing Services on Job/Visit Basis for Government for Communication at Child HomesTenders211210 Sep 2020
409Tender for Job Basis Work in Residential School Hariyali, JaloreTenders64210 Sep 2020
410Tender Called by Residential School, Kherdi, Sagwara (Dungarpur) for Hiring Different ServicesTenders15809 Sep 2020
411Regarding Austerity in State ExpenditureNotification321307 Sep 2020
412Eligibility / Guidelines for the applicant for deputation in Pashupalak Boys Residential School Jaiteshwar Dham Bhal Khadi Sindhari ( Barmer)Notification859307 Sep 2020
413List of Candidates for BarmerDCR State Level Committiee6865003 Sep 2020
414List of Candidates for DholpurDCR State Level Committiee6864803 Sep 2020
415List of Candidates for KarauliDCR State Level Committiee6864903 Sep 2020
416The Last Date of Online Application is extended from 31 August to 30 September 2020 in State / Government / College Level Hostels of State / Grant / PPO ModeOrders155131 Aug 2020
417List of Candidates for ChuruDCR State Level Committiee6793627 Aug 2020
418List of Candidates for JhalawarDCR State Level Committiee6778827 Aug 2020
419Provide Workers on Job Basis In Government Residential School, Dhanwada, JhalawarTenders15025 Aug 2020
420List of Candidates for Baran DistrictDCR State Level Committiee6772525 Aug 2020
421List of Candidates for Jalor DistrictDCR State Level Committiee6772425 Aug 2020
422Meeting Schedule of SLSCDCR State Level Committiee16709724 Aug 2020
423Expression of InterestNotification156924 Aug 2020
424Tender 01/2020-2021 on Contractual Job Basis , Devnarayan Residential School, Chandpura, Raniwara, JaloreTenders4521 Aug 2020
425Tender 01/2020-2021 for Contractual Job Basis / Visit basis Services, Rajkiya Sampreshan and Kishor Grah, PratapgarhTenders26219 Aug 2020
426Tender 01/2020-2021 for Contractual Job Basis / Visit basis Services, Office Nari Niketan, JodhpurTenders83117 Aug 2020
427Tender for one Computer and one PrinterTenders4106814 Aug 2020
428Letter Regarding Ensure Accuracy in Government Transactions and Changes in the Master Data of Department PersonnelCircular2684-300410 Aug 2020
429 Tender for Electrical Maintenance of PremisesTenders4095707 Aug 2020
430Special Woman Teacher recruitment in Nari Niketan kotaNotification4048205 Aug 2020
431Promotion Order of Shri Shivlahri SharmaOrders3429404 Aug 2020
432Residential Schools admission date extension orderOrders815031 Jul 2020
433Hostel Admission Date Extension OrderOrders66330 Jul 2020