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एससी/एसटी अत्याचार टोल फ्री (24x7) कॉल सेंटर नंबर 1800-202-1989 - शॉर्ट कोड 14566   
SNSubjectType Of DocumentOrder No.Date
1Tender called by Govt. Devnarayan girls residential school, Hindoli (Bundi) for Job basis worknewanimTenders7729 Sep 2022
2Order regarding CM Anuprati Coaching SchemenewanimOrders5738129 Sep 2022
3CM Anuprati Coaching Provisonal Merit 2022-23newanimNotification24 Sep 2022
4Application form and required documents list for operation of Nashamukti centrenewanimNotification5633521 Sep 2022
5Expression of Interest (EOI) for Beggars homenewanimNotification5601619 Sep 2022
6Application close order regarding PMS-SC 2021-22newanimOrders400919 Sep 2022
7Expression of Interest (EOI) for Oldage homenewanimNotification5550215 Sep 2022
8Promotion of Junior Assistant to Senior AssistantOrders1800113 Sep 2022
9Promotion of Senior Assistant to AAOOrders1777813 Sep 2022
10Tender called by Asst. Director, Sjed Tonk for Smart TV & Water CoolerTenders326108 Sep 2022
11Tender called by SJED, KarauliTenders305107 Sep 2022
12Promotion Order PO & SSO TO DPSWO Orders16851 02 Sep 2022
13Promotion Order HS-1 To PO & SSOOrders1705102 Sep 2022
14Promotion Order PO & SSO To DPSWO 2018 -19 Orders16551 02 Sep 2022
15Promotion Order DPSWO To AD 2020-21 To 2022-23Orders1670102 Sep 2022
16order regarding sanctioning of seats in HostelsOrders1660630 Aug 2022
17Revised details of Vacant seats in Residential Schools of SJEDNotification111129 Aug 2022
18Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Residential School Mehada, Gujarwas (Jhunjhunu)Tenders01/2022-2329 Aug 2022
19Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Residential School for kitchen itemsTendersk129 Aug 2022
20Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Residential School Mehada, Gujarwaas, JhunjhunuTenders0029 Aug 2022
21Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Residential School for Job basis workTenders7529 Aug 2022
22Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Residential School, Mehada, Gujarwas JhunjhunuTenders75-7929 Aug 2022
23UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders9851 26 Aug 2022
24LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders836126 Aug 2022
25UDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders9791 26 Aug 2022
26UDC TSP_SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders1021126 Aug 2022
27LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders891126 Aug 2022
28LDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders9501 26 Aug 2022
29UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders1010126 Aug 2022
30LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders8426 26 Aug 2022
31Advertisement regarding deputation under Residential SchoolNotification110326 Aug 2022
32List of teachers appointed on deputation in Residential schoolsOrders1110 26 Aug 2022
33UDC TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2021Orders10036 26 Aug 2022
34UDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders958626 Aug 2022
35LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2020Orders809326 Aug 2022
36LDC NON TSP SENIORITY 01-04-2022Orders8996 26 Aug 2022
37Fixation order of Junior AssistantOrders1580626 Aug 2022
38Office order regarding review DPCOrders1602626 Aug 2022
39RREIS E Tender Notification36524 Aug 2022
40Tender called by Assistant Director, SJED, KarauliTenders275324 Aug 2022
41EWS Income & Asset Certificate ValidityNotification2804623 Aug 2022
42Promotion order on the post of Additional Administrative officerOrders1555623 Aug 2022
43Promotion order on the post of Personal Assistant Orders1553923 Aug 2022
44Seats Reservation in HostelsOrders1649022 Aug 2022
45NOC for further studiesOrders5179922 Aug 2022
46Scholarship order for pending application on institute/student levelOrders381018 Aug 2022
47Add AO to AO Promotion 2022Orders1536318 Aug 2022
48AO to EO Promotion 2022Orders1539418 Aug 2022
49HS-2 TO HS-1 DEFFER Promotion 2022Orders1541518 Aug 2022
50EOI for Navjeevan SurveyNotification5124016 Aug 2022
51Activities held during Azadi ka Amrit MahotsavNotification0005 Aug 2022
52Extension of last date in Mukhyamantri Anuprati coaching YojanaNotification4978504 Aug 2022
53Final Seniority list of OfficersOrders4994304 Aug 2022
54Extension of last date 30-11-2022 of ScholarshipOrders381603 Aug 2022
55Restructuring of ministerial posts in SJEDOrders1288203 Aug 2022
56Extension of Last Date of Admission in Hostel Application Till 31-08-2022Orders90603 Aug 2022
57Order regarding Mess Allowance in HostelsOrders1611301 Aug 2022
58AdvertisementNotification (Vipra)437501 Aug 2022
59Pension CircularCircular6429 Jul 2022
60Officer's Transfer List 28.07.2022Orders1240328 Jul 2022
61Revised order regarding Guidelines and process of operation of Vidya Sambal YojanaOrders1563725 Jul 2022
62Tender called by SJED, Dungarpur for purchase of Furniture and BedTenders223825 Jul 2022
63Office order regarding document verification of StenographerOrders1205520 Jul 2022
64Salary & Allowance orderOrder & Circulars (Vipra)202219 Jul 2022
65Revised order regarding salary and allowanceOrder & Circulars (Vipra)1999(1)18 Jul 2022
66Tender called by Nari Niketan Jodhpur for fruits & vegetablesTenders400 01 Jul 2022
67Amended Advertisement for reappointment of retired CLASS IVNotification1057730 Jun 2022
68To promote reputed coaching centres for Anuprati Coaching Yojana Orders3655029 Jun 2022
69NOC Order for Further StudiesOrders3640929 Jun 2022
70Order regarding Tour/Visit ProgramOrders56829 Jun 2022
71Revised order regarding Supervisory VisitOrders3596228 Jun 2022
72Revised rules 2022 regarding Palanhar YojanaNotification3599228 Jun 2022
73Tender called by Govt. Pashupalak Residential school, Kherdi (Saagwada), DungarpurTenders111-1227 Jun 2022
74Office order regarding Supervisory VisitOrders3562627 Jun 2022
75Seniority list of Junior Assistant (TSP) 01-04-2022Orders990124 Jun 2022
76Seniority List of Junior Assistant (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders918424 Jun 2022
77Guidelines regarding Mukhyamantri Vishesh Yogyajan Swarojgar YojanaOrders1112424 Jun 2022
78Scholarship Guideline CircularCircular349222 Jun 2022
79Termination order of Sh. Vedprakash Sanwariya, Junior AssistantOrders99721 Jun 2022
80RREIS School Deputation Guideline and FormNotification21 Jun 2022
81Tender called by DLO, Tonk for job basis workTenders176920 Jun 2022
82Advertisement for reappointment of retired CLASS IVNotification901620 Jun 2022
83OrderOrders472 20 Jun 2022
84Date Schedule for Scholarship portal OpeningOrders346916 Jun 2022
85Final Seniority List of PS and Steno (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders861416 Jun 2022
86Order regarding date schedule in Anuprati Coaching SchemeOrders3432116 Jun 2022
87Final Seniority List of Class IV TSP 01-04-22Orders886116 Jun 2022
88Final Seniority list of Class IV (Non-Tsp) 01-04-2022Orders878516 Jun 2022
89Advertisement for Deputation in Residential schoolsOthers45216 Jun 2022
90Final Seniority List of EO,AO,AAO 01-04-22Orders868116 Jun 2022
91Final Seniority list of of DPSW and SSO (TSP) 01-04-2022Orders780115 Jun 2022
92Final Seniority List of DPSW and SSO (Non-Tsp) 01-04-22Orders763715 Jun 2022
93Final Seniority list of HS-1 (NON-TSP) 01-04-22Orders3388813 Jun 2022
94Final seniority list of HS TSP 01-04-2022Orders3385613 Jun 2022
95Revised process of Mukhyamantri Anuprati coaching yojanaOrders3354910 Jun 2022
96Tender called by Mukhyamantri Sarvjan Govt. Residential School, Jaisindhar Station, BarmerTenders249-25507 Jun 2022
97Applications invited for online admission in new Academic session 2022-23 in Hostels & Residential Schools from 08-06-2022Orders1496706 Jun 2022
98Tender called by Govt. boys Residential School, Jaisindhar Station, BarmerTenders65-7006 Jun 2022
99Tender called by Residential School, Jaiteshwar Dham (Sindhari), BarmerTenders931-93606 Jun 2022
100Final seniority list DPSW TSP 01.04.2022Orders699301 Jun 2022
101Final seniority list DPSW Non TSP 01.04.2022Orders693101 Jun 2022
103OrderOrders806 25 May 2022
104 In relation to positive entries in the head of returns 0235-60-900-02-00 in the year 2021-22Orders942925 May 2022
105Letter regarding depositing the balance amount and recovery of excess payments in the appropriate areas of the treasury.Others9420-2124 May 2022
106Tender called by SJED HQ for FurnitureTenders3060120 May 2022
107Minutes of MeetingNotification (Vipra)235120 May 2022
108Tender called by SJED HQ for Cleaning & SanitizationTenders3013319 May 2022
109Tender For RREIS Bhilwara AtunTenders12919 May 2022
110Seniority List of Establishment Officer/Administrative Officer/Add. Administrative Officer 01-04-22 (NON-TSP)Orders461413 May 2022
111Final Seniority of Junior Assistant 1-04-2022 (Non-TsP)Orders504113 May 2022
112Final Seniority List of Junior Assistant 1-04-2022 (TSP)Orders498113 May 2022
113Seniority List of Senior Assistant 01-04-22 (TSP)Orders478613 May 2022
114Seniority list of Senior Assistant 1-04-22 (NON-TSP)Orders480913 May 2022
115Seniority list of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)TSP 1-04-2022Orders475113 May 2022
116Seniority List of Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) 1-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders469613 May 2022
117Seniority List of Personal Secretary/Add. Personal Secretary/Personal Assistant/Steno 1-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders476413 May 2022
118Cadre structure of postsOrders399412 May 2022
119Expression of InterestNotification2931111 May 2022
120Tender called by Govt. Girls Residential School, Vajirpura, Tonk for Job basis workTenders67-9310 May 2022
121Tender called by Residential School Vajirpura, Tonk for Vegetable & FruitsTenders67-73(1)10 May 2022
122Tender called by DLO Jodhpur for purchasing of Two Wheeler EV ScootyTenders67909 May 2022
123Tender called by DLO Jaipur Rural for Hiring of RasoiyaTenders736(1)06 May 2022
124Tender called by Shishu Grah AjmerTenders12506 May 2022
125Order regarding Mess Allowance in Residential SchoolsOrders16606 May 2022
126Tender called by DLO Jaipur Rural for hiring of ChowidarTenders73606 May 2022
127Seniority List of Class IV/Rasoiya/Chowkidar 01-04-2022 (TSP)Orders264805 May 2022
128Seniority List of Class IV/Rasoiya/Chowkidar 01-04-2022 (NON-TSP)Orders297005 May 2022
129order regarding Board StaffOrder & Circulars (Vipra)7604 May 2022
130Tender called by Residential School Kekri, AjmerTenders1802 May 2022
131Expression of InterestOthers2736502 May 2022
132Tender called by Nari Niketan, AjmerTenders7929 Apr 2022
133FINAL SENIORITY LIST OF OFFICERS 01-04-2022Orders229928 Apr 2022
134Tender called by Devnarayan Govt. Girls Residential School, Piplod (Jaipur)Tenders43 28 Apr 2022
135Amended Tender called by Observation Home, KotaTenders39227 Apr 2022
136Office order regarding Assistant Nodal Officer in APAR ModuleOrders191526 Apr 2022
137NOC for further studiesOrders2687026 Apr 2022
138Order regarding Nodal Officer for APAR ModuleOrders167525 Apr 2022
139Tender called by Devnarayan Residential school, Piplod, ShahpuraTenders0221 Apr 2022
140Live telecast of state level program on the occasion of 131st birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao AmbedkarNotification14 Apr 2022
141Rajasthan State Subordinate Services (Combined Competitive) Examination-2018 Training Order of Successful OfficersOrders53213 Apr 2022
142Tender called by Govt. Residential School, Dhanwada, JhalawarTenders0108 Apr 2022
143Tour/Visit Program orderOrders21704 Apr 2022
144Tender called by Observation home AjmerTenders327430 Mar 2022
145Open tender called by Observation Home, Kota for vegetables & FruitsTenders32628 Mar 2022
146Regarding CM Anuparti Payment ProcessOrders1610625 Mar 2022
147Order regarding mess allowance Orders182122 Mar 2022
148Application Format for Ambedkar PuruskarNotification122 Mar 2022
149Auction information of useless Items in Residential School, HariyaliNotification154922 Mar 2022
150Advertisement regarding Ambedkar PuruskarNotification1506222 Mar 2022
151Tender called by Observation home Ajmer for Job basis workTenders136121 Mar 2022